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 “We do not need leadership of the masses,we need leadership of the self”

Losel Gyatsho Academy will strive to impart, besides academic education, a value based wholesome education to our students to make them future leaders and productive citizens based on His Majesty’s philosophy of the leadership of self. We are committed to ensuring that we bring out the best in our students. We believe that the best competition for anyone is the self. If we are to compete, we need to first compete with ourselves so that we bring out the best that is within us. If we can do that,we conquered our world and only then can we aspire to conquer the world outside. We believe that it is important to excel in academics,in sports, co-curricular activities but it is more important to excel in character.

Therefore, it is my fervent hope that our website will help share with everyone substantial, both qualitative and quantitative, information of Losel Gyatsho Academy.

Wishing you all Tashi Delek!


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