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Notice to Students.

Dear Students,

As we welcome you to Losel Gyatsho Academy , we strongly believe that you have come here to build a successful future for yourself. The teachers can guide you and help you in your mission but it is your own efforts and hard work that will lead you to attain the dream that has inspired you to come here. Remember, the most important person who can make a difference in your life is no other than you. To enable us to help and guide you, these are what you have to do:

Never procrastinate your studies, for tomorrow you will find stronger reasons not to do

  •  Discipline is as important as your daily meals.

  • Accept, respect and help others

  • Believe in yourself; with determination, commitment and hard work, you will succeed

  • Participate in all school activities and try to do your best

  • Be regular in attending the school

  •  Seek help when in difficulty whether academic or personal

  • Think before you act; be responsible for what you do and say

  •  Avoid making decisions under emotions

  • Do not feel shy if you do not know, ask for help

 You are the master of your success. Note: Always remember to bring this diary with you to the school. It is your everyday guide and daily time table while at the school. Your character certificate will be determined by how you help the teachers to use the empty spaces in this diary. Do not fail to return this diary to the school at the end of the year.



(Tshering Dema)


Copyright © 2017 Losel Gyatsho Academy.All Rights Reserved.
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