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Notice to concern Parents/Guardians.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We strongly believe that you can play a vital role in the process of educating your child. Your guidance at home will work wonders in instilling self-discipline and character in your child. What you say and do in the family have great influences on your child’s mental and emotional growth. The parts you may wish to play are listed below:

• Read the school diary from time to time but at your leisure

• Regularly check your child’s performance at school

• Provide as much support the child needs from your side

• Discuss about your child’s problem freely with the teachers

• Respond to calls or letters from school in case of any problem with the child

• Attend parent-teacher meeting by all means

• Give talks on values and moral practices as much as you can

• Guidance and counseling are excellent support for your child

• Make sure there is a routine at home and it is followed properly for studies

• In case your child cannot come to school, inform the concerned class teacher/Principal/Vice Principals.

• Take extra care if the child is going through addiction problems; the teacher counsellor can help you in such case.

Thank you for your support and co-operation



(Tshering Dema)


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